Create a curriculum
Like no other
Individualized language learning for every student.
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The Era of Individualization

Foreign language education has been flawed for years, utilizing textbooks with unrealistic conversations and time-consuming workbook exercises. Stop treading water and prepare your students for the real-world with Linguistic For Educators.

Assignments, Upgraded

With Linguistic, homework assignments just got a makeover. Assign required conversations with native speakers each week that are automatically graded based on your own grading criteria. Students will be able to track their own proficiency progress while actively practicing their language and preparing for the real world.

A New Perspective

With Linguistic's weekly assignments, instantly gain a bird's-eye view into the skill level of your students. We track proficiency automatically, using cutting-edge machine learning and language processing techniques. For the first time, see where individual students are struggling, how frequently they're speaking in their target language, plus much more.

Your Personal Teaching Aid

We actively use the proficiency data of your students to perform constant skill level aggregation, and after a period of extended use will begin recommending real-world learning supplements that matches the overall proficiency of your class. Think along the lines of foreign movies, songs, TV episodes, and reading materials your students don't need translated.