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The Next Generation of Proficiency Testing

Don't just let your customers know how well your employees can complete a proficiency test. With Linguistic, you can prove your company's multilingual proficiency by comparing employee ability against other real-world speakers and learners.

Beyond Language Comprehension

A Linguistic proficiency exam doesn't just measure an employee's proficiency level. That would be silly. Instead, Linguistic also takes into account the unique industry-specific vocabulary that an employee uses and weighs it against other learners and students who have taken the same exam. This way, we can confirm that not only do you know the language, you know your field in that language as well.

As Simple as an Interview

Taking a test with Linguistic is as simple as a guided interview. The interviewer is assigned by us and asks industry-specific questions in the target language. Afterwards, our AI goes to work at figuring out the interviewee's unique industry-specific proficiency.

Highlight Your Achievement

Once your employees have passed the Linguistic proficiency assessment, you can flaunt that proficiency using official Linguistic badges on your homepage. These badges help build trust with international consumers, allowing your company to reach a wider global audience.