Introducing the first completely individualized language learning platform.

You heard that right. Linguistic is the first-ever completely individualized language learning platform, leveraging conversations with real native speakers of the language you're learning with cutting-edge technology to learn your unique skill level and help you improve.

How It Works

Converse 1-on-1 with native speakers

Unlike other language exchange apps, Linguistic intelligently matches you with five new native speakers every week, allowing you to practice whichever language you are learning with a variety of individuals all over the world. Never run out of vocabulary to study ever again.

Learn through conversation

While chatting, break down any message you don't understand into its individual sentences, words, and phrases with a single tap. You can also discretely correct your partner's messages, translate messages, and more!

Automatically track your progress

Never gauge your own skill level again! Just chat in your target language, and we'll use cutting-edge machine learning and NLP technology to learn your skill levels and tell you how you stack up against your peers.

Winner of the

Mason's Emerging Innovation Award

Coming Soon

Chat with your voice

Currently, Linguistic only includes text-only conversations. However, we plan to soon introduce voice messaging as well, completely with automatic transcription of your partner's messages, allowing you to lookup words they've said right from the message.

Save words to a global flashcard set

We feel it's extremely important you don't just lookup words, you learn them. Soon you'll be able to speak just like your partner, with the full ability to save individual words from their messages directly to a global flashcard set.

Improved matching algorithm

We are constantly developing new ways to better match you with your language partners. As our proficiency inference mechanisms continue to evolve and expend, so will your matches. Our goal is simple: match you with partners who you may learn the most from, while ensuring you can provide the maximum assistance possible to your partners.

Coming in Version 1.0

Content recommendations based on skill level

Individualization, cranked up to the max. With version 1.0, we're putting your proficiency data to work and will begin intelligently recommending foreign movies, web articles, songs, and more, all curated to your individual proficiency level. It's going to be awesome.

A brand-new study experience

In version 1.0, we're going beyond basic spaced repetition to bring you a brand-new study experience for your saved words. We're keeping our lips tight on this one, but think along the lines of Duolingo, only powered by the Linguistic mainframe. Sound cool? We thought so.

New exciting functionality

Obviously we plan to adapt as our users grow, but we are constantly thinking of new ways to improve and expand upon the Linguistic user experience. In the mix right now is immersive location information for your partners, an improved conversation workflow, experience points, and even a handful computer vision stuff. We're pretty pumped for it.